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About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission as guides is to provide professional guiding services to individuals, groups and companies that hire us. This means we give entertaining, accurate commentary about our city, our province and our country within a schedule as required by our client. This also means we dress like professionals, pay close attention to safety issues and deal courteously with our clients and our colleagues such as bus drivers and tour managers.

Our mission as an association is to offer Toronto and Niagara tour guides a meeting place to discuss issues relevant to our profession, offer opportunities to improve our knowledge, provide information about employment opportunities and lobby for improvements to our professional circumstances.

Membership Profile

We are an association for local tour guides in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Our members provide local tours of professional calibre to tour groups coming from round the world to our city and surrounding area. The principal attraction still in our region but outside Toronto is the world famous waterfall, Niagara Falls.
Our association believes that we should give every group the best tour possible for that group, often tailor-making the tour to fit the group’s interests, and our members strive to deliver it.

Our association and its members support educational activities for the members and we have also supported tour guide education outside our association. We maintain a program of learning events for members at attractions within our area. We believe in accreditation for tour guides and were in the forefront of a drive to introduce certification of guides in Toronto. We also support licensing of tour guides in the Niagara area and most of our members have the Niagara Parks Commission tour guide licence. (Those who do not have the licence are not permitted to take groups to the important Niagara Parks properties in the Niagara Region.)

Our members are quite versatile and most do a variety of types of tours. Within our membership there are 15 different languages spoken so among us we can accommodate tour groups from many countries. Our members have a variety of educational, employment and other backgrounds. All can be considered tourism professionals.

Our members work for a variety of different local companies. Some are free-lancers who work directly for out-of-town companies. Others work for both. Still others work directly for their clients, perhaps for people like yourselves, people who have just discovered us through this web site. You can arrange for a guide through this web site. See our Guides-for-Hire pages to learn more.

Our members are not confined to local tours. Many work also as tour directors or tour managers on long distance tours to various tourist destinations within Canada and around the world.

Please continue to read on through our site and learn more about what we do, the services we provide and the processes that keep us on our toes.

CTGA Executive Board 2019-2021

President: James Saunders

Past President: Elaine Phillips

Vice-President: Jason Kucherawy

Corresponding Secretary: Teresa Archibald

Treasurer: Gerardo Patino

Membership co-ordinator: Teresa Archibald

Events co-ordinator: Felicia Cohen

Professional Development: Linda Humphreys

Member at Large: Robert Szasz

Member at Large: Masayo Laing