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Code of Ethics

Canadian Tour Guide Association of Toronto Code of Ethics

1) A CTGA of Toronto Member maintains a professional manner with his/her clients in the execution of a Member’s duties as a Tour Guide or other tourism-related service for which the Member is legally contracted.

2) A CTGA of Toronto Member accepts each tour as a serious commitment. The Member provides as much advance notice as possible when he/she has to cancel an assignment due to unforeseen circumstances.

3) A CTGA of Toronto Member does not solicit gratuities.

4) A CTGA of Toronto Member encourages a positive relationship with other tour groups and colleagues. The Member maintains ethical and professional conduct at all times.

5) A CTGA of Toronto Member maintains a professional appearance. The Member is well groomed and his/her clothing is neat and clean. If required by the company hiring them, the Member may wear specific clothing as defined by his/her contract of employment.

6) A CTGA of Toronto Member is an expert on the City. The Member gives accurate and objective information highlighting points of interest. The Member’s presentation should be enthusiastic and engaging. A Member keeps current on new exhibits, seasonal events and other changes throughout the city.

7) A CTGA of Toronto Member is knowledgeable about the best routes in the City and uses that to fulfill the group’s itinerary allowing for adjustments due to unexpected events.

8) A CTGA of Toronto Member will have the ability to conduct a tour in the language contracted.

9) A CTGA of Toronto Member will be at the tour’s starting point before the agreed upon time. If the Member is late, he/she will try to make up the lost time. A Member will arrive as directed by the client or at least 15 minutes before the tour start time. If the group arrives late, the guide is not obligated to extend the tour.

10) A CTGA of Toronto Member will respect the confidentiality of the company the Member is working with or for and at no time solicit work from a client of the company employing them.

11) A CTGA of Toronto Member does not compromise a tour by patronizing venues that practise “kickback payments” to the guide and/or driver. A CTGA of Toronto Member does not abuse complimentary meal privileges nor allows the Member’s driver to do so.

12) A CTGA of Toronto Member shows sensitivity and tailors the tour to the needs of his/her groups while not sharing their views on controversial subjects such as sex, religion and politics and maintains a pleasant manner even under difficult circumstances.

13) In the event of a complaint being filed against a CTGA of Toronto Member, the Member agrees to abide by the majority decision of the CTGA of Toronto Executive as to the action needed to address the complaint.

“We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.”

Aristotle, 384-322 BC.