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A Mentorship Program for the CTGA of Toronto

By Petra Aykler & Felicia Cohen, Nov. 2014

What is a CTGA Mentorship Program?

In our case, Mentoring is a professional relationship between members of the CTGA. The program has two components: 1) experienced tour guides volunteer to share their guiding knowledge and resources with new less-experienced members who wish to participate in this program, for a specific time period. 2) mentors offer assistance to any member who feels the need for some professional support. All members would be able to connect with a mentor of their own choosing.

The goal of the Mentorship program:

The mentors assist, encourage and support other CTGA members. Exchanging ideas, networking, growing professionally and personally are some the goals of this program, which would also expand the knowledge and foster camaraderie within our membership. A mentorship program will help to make our organization a very professional, unified and recognizable enterprise. The goal is to help and support each other.

What is expected of a Mentor?

A CTGA mentor has to be a member in good standing, either active or a formerly active member. A mentor would meet with his/her mentoree at their mutual convenience and establish a working relationship. A mentor would share their experiences and knowledge with their mentoree in order to help them develop, grow and feel confident. A mentor would be available to assist with questions and other professional issues or support. (*see below: role of a Mentor)

What is expected of a Mentoree?

A mentoree would initiate the connection to a mentor through the mentorship coordinators. A mentoree would be able ask questions regarding the guiding profession in general and specifically in Toronto and Canada. A mentoree would be able to share ideas and concerns regarding their role as a guide. A mentoree would be focused on professional development.

Who organizes the Mentorship Program?

The Mentorship Coordinators: Petra Aykler and Felicia Cohen. We would initiate and oversee this program, pair Mentors with Mentorees and share the progress of this program with the board and association. The coordinators would be available to assist with any questions or concerns. The Mentorship Program would also be described on our website.

How do members get involved?

Contact the coordinators, Petra Aykler or Felicia Cohen, by e-mail at CTGA: ctgaoftoronto@rogers.com.

*Role of a Mentor

– Be available when needed with a reasonable response time, whether in person, per phone or e-mail
– Commit for a 6 to 12 months period
– Talk about and promote the function of the CTGA with the help of some of the newsletters and the website
– Share relevant personal experiences
– Introduce new members to fellow members or other people in the industry
– Assist with links to job opportunities
– Share relevant materials
– Be open minded and reserve judgment or criticism
– Communicate with the coordinators for this program (updates & conclusion of program)
– Listen and encourage
– Keep all personal information confidential and private