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CTGA Educational Events

A big benefit of CTGA membership for Toronto-area tour guides is our program of educational events. Our events include trips to tourism sites around the city and to outlying regions as well. At least two events each year involve travel and sightseeing in communities outside our own city. Events are made available to members at cost and sometimes they are even free.

Our founding members were faced with a challenge when developing ways to achieve our objectives of promoting professionalism and facilitating networking among guides as well as providing opportunities for continuing education for guides. How could they do all this at a reasonable cost and with the small number of organizers available?

The answer was our Events program which they developed in the first years of our existence. The Events program has become the keystone in our efforts to achieve our stated objectives and is still flourishing after many years.

You are invited to read a write-up of one of our day-long educational events to give you an idea of what we do on one of these occasions to improve our knowledge of popular local spots of interest and historic significance. Click here to read “”. (If you enjoy this article, you will find more sample articles on our Newsletter page.)

Each year a series of events is developed. It includes educational field trips both local and out-of-town with visits to museums and other venues and attractions. Since the program started in 1991, we have visited most tourist attractions and venues in the Toronto area and adjacent regions.

One of the true highlights of our events program is our annual Nancy Ross Honsberger Memorial Evening, a lecture series with major topics of interest to guides in our region as the subject matter. (Click here to learn more about the Nancy Ross Honsberger evening.)

Holiday Event 2011

To celebrate the holiday season in December 2011, we visited the Scarborough Museum, located in the east Toronto area known as Scarborough. Among other sites we learned about was the McCowan Log Cabin, the oldest residence in Scarborough and home to one of the area’s earliest settlers. (Click to enlarge photos.)

Islington Murals 2009

Over recent years, Dundas Street in Toronto’s far west end has been decorated with murals celebrating the history of the Village of Islington. The street is historic in itself as the old stage coach road between Toronto and towns farther west. At the holiday season 2009 we visited Montgomery’s Inn, originally the Islington stage coach stop and roadside inn, now a local historic site and museum. We also saw the murals. The image above was one of them. It is entitled “The Olde Swimming Hole”, remembering the inhabitants’ fun in Mimico Creek, the local waterway.