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Guest Presenters and their Subjects

2002Rosemary Sadlier – Black History in Canada

2003Ted Wickson – History of the Toronto Waterfront

2004Helen Nolan – Sculpture in the City

2005Aaron Bell and the White Pine Dancers – Native Storytelling and Dance

2006 – Rhonda Silverstone and Donna Zuchlinski – Film & Television Industries in Toronto

2007Bruce Bell – History of Theatre in Toronto

2008 – Cecil Ross, Commisioner, Niagara Parks Commission – The Niagara Escarpment

2009 – Michelle Noble, Waterfront Toronto – The Waterfront’s Future

2010 – ????

2011 – Sandra Shaul – Bicentennial of the War of 1812

2012 – John Honsberger, husband of the late Nancy – Osgoode Hall, home of the Law Society of Upper Canada

Nancy Ross Honsberger Evening

While our Events program strives to make a number of educational outings available annually to our members, we also have an annual lecture series (for a cold January evening) called the Nancy Ross Honsberger Evening. The subject always relates to tourism in Toronto or the history, culture, industry, etc. of Toronto so that we may become even more knowledgeable about our home city.

Every January our members come in large numbers to this popular event to hear these speakers and over the years we have been pleased to have truly outstanding guests. See the list to the left.

Nancy Ross Honsberger

Nancy Ross Honsberger (1930-1999) was a founding member of CTGA of Toronto and an early President. Our annual lecture series, the Nancy Ross Honsberger Evening is named in her honour.

To everyone Nancy was a “classy lady” of tour guiding in Toronto and was much sought after by tour operators to do their tours. She firmly believed that CTGA has a role to play in the on-going education of tour guides. Hence we named one of the most important evenings in our program of educational events in her memory.

It is always an anticipated event because we can count on our Events team to bring us an excellent speaker with specialized knowledge of some aspect of our Toronto locale.