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Gary Mandel

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  • Toronto City Tours - Step-On Guide
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  • Niagara Peninsula
  • Multi-Day Touring - General
  • Multi-Day Touring - International Touring
11+ years

I lead both individual and small group tours across Canada, Western Europe, and the north East United States.  I taught high school Social Studies, Art, Classics, and World Issues for 31 years.  I was also president of the Toronto International Music Festival, an annual gathering for high school music groups.  My personal travel has taken me to all the continents except Antarctica.

I am a third generation Torontonian and have lived downtown in the same neighbourhood my whole life.  To understand people and their backgrounds has been a central feature of my professional life and personal travel.

  • Honours BA, History and Art History: York University
  • H.S.A. Type A History Specialist: University of Toronto
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