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Gerardo Patino

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  • Toronto City Tours - Step-On Guide
  • Toronto City Tours - Specialty
  • Niagara Peninsula
  • Multi-Day Touring - General
  • Multi-Day Touring - International Touring
  • Private Tours
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English, Spanish, Portuguese
11+ years

Since 2004, I have been offering interpretation services English-Spanish

The man in the hat will show you where is at.

Fourteen years ago, when one of my passengers mentioned that I was fervent about giving my tours, I realized that I had discovered my life’s passion.

Since then, I have been developing and enhancing my way of giving tours in the Toronto and Niagara areas for travelers that enjoy personalized experiences tailored to their unique needs and requirements.

My intent from now on is to continue to enhance the requirements of my travelers to make their experience a memorable adventure.

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  • High School Diploma from the Vancouver School Board Fine Arts course from the Vancouver School Board
  • Computer Graphics Diploma from Metro Training Institute, Vancouver Spanish – English Interpreter Diploma, MCIS, Toronto
  • Training in Guided Tours, Jonveiw Canada
  • Training in Guest Services Course “Simply the Best”, Jonview Canada
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